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August 30, 2006
Arctic archaeology
Arctic archaeology. Photo by Ullr.

Christian zealots destroy ancient Arctic petroglyphs
Some bad news from the arctic. There are carvings associated with the Dorset culture, a people who were in the arctic before the Inuit arrived, at Qajartalik Island. They’ve survived a couple of thousand years of arctic weather, but they may not survive a couple of centuries of tourism and Christianisation. I had a look around for more info, but the only substantial posting I could find was a PhDiva, which is a reprint of the story. If the destruction is successful then it could be another Bamiyan. In a Roman context, Troels Myrup has a blog examining Iconoclasm.

X-TAG Sessions announced
Via the EAA blog I read that the sessions for the Theoretical Archaeology Group conference have been announced. There are some interesting sessions listed and some odder ones. I won’t be talking and I’m not sure if I’ll go or not yet. I may daytrip.

Have lung, will become terrestrial
Via Abnormal Interests I found that this post by Aydin Orstan at Snails Tales was to be published in the newsletter of the Oregon Society of Conchologists. it came as a surprise as Snails Tales in in my newsreader, and I hadn’t seen mention of it. It turns out to be a temporary glitch as its now picked up the announcement here. I’m still in awe of him getting an answer published in NewScientist.

Mapping Community Landscapes in Northwest Honduras
Will Klinger at Nomadic Thoughts has put up news of a grant application he’s making which looks like it could have a direct agricultural application if it gets given.

Finally three links from Radio 4:
Meet the Bloggers is a link you’ll see everywhere else on the net if you haven’t already. It includes a discussion about whether or not bloggers should profit from their work. Personally I think they should have the option.
Just a Minute
This week has the criminally underrated Owen O’Neill on it along with Clement Freud, Paul Merton and Pauline McLynn.
And I’m up late because I’ve been listening to Ross Noble again, this time on Egypt.

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