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Major Improvements to

August 13, 2006

You can expect to see blogs on linking to each other more often. It’s not the formation of a secret clique*. It’s a new tool you can find on the WordPress dashbar Tag Surfer.

Unlike Blogger all posts on WordPress have to be assigned to at least one category. The category for this post is Blogging, which isn’t something I’d planned to include when starting this site. The related tag surfer will, if I want it, now pick up other posts that include the tag Blogging. That’s a recipe for tedium so I may disable that, but I will leave open searches for Ancient History, Archaeology, History, Science and so on. It sounds like searching Technorati for Ancient History etc… but this page aggregates the results so you can see them all rather than pursue twenty different searches.

The other improvement you can see is that it’s now possible to add your own style sheet to WordPress, though this costs $15 pa. The code for this is changing at the moment. Returning visitors using Internet Explorer will now see the box below the Entry Title the same way as Mozilla and Opera viewers see it. The site now looks best in Internet Explorer. I imagine I lose a lot of web-cred for that.

There are still drawbacks. There’s no javascript or Flash, which means a few of my entries are broken. You can’t include Google AdSense which is a loss if you think that you should make money from your blog. Personally given the free bandwidth I don’t have any need for the blog to make money and the ban should make the site less attractive to sploggers.

*but if it was then that’s the sort of thing I’d say isn’t it.

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  1. June 12, 2007 6:55 am

    are you sure that you “have” to add a category? Well, I guess they would all be “uncategorized” otherwise, which is what mine were before I decided to get all creative and add categories. hmm.

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